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Success and happiness start at home. Get what you need starting with your personal life.

•  Anger Management
•  Conflict Resolution
•  Stress Management
•  Problem Solving

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Achieve the recognition and growth you deserve. Training and coaching put you ahead.

•  Job Search Strategies
•  Interview Skills
•  Personal Branding
•  Negotiations & Other Soft Skills

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Know your business inside and out. Learn enough to make you dangerous to your competitors.

•  Strategic Marketing
•  Lead Generation & Sales
•  Presentations & Persuasion
•  Business Development

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Build the skills inherent in every leader. Inspire, challenge and lead your community to greatness.

•  Self Confidence
•  Emotional Intelligence
•  Team & Consensus Building
•  Public Speaking

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“Juliana was articulate and empathetic. My expectations were exceeded. Thank you!”

“I discovered that I’m not an angry person! I just never learned to communicate! Everyone should take this course.”

“Hey Juliana, thanks for all your help…. The letter was excellent in court and so was the certificate. I learned a lot from your course and appreciate all you have done.”

“Magnifico! Great passion, empathy and understanding of others. I mostly liked Juliana’s personal reflections, openness and the way she engaged the class.”

“You have been of great help. I held back on you. I am a typical male who tries to be tough. I need to put me first for a change. I thank you for making me feel ok to state my feelings and to express that I need help moving forward. It is not easy admitting weakness. You make it acceptable and comfortable to do so. I'm grateful.”